AllDough: Taste Design Machine For Dough

AllDough: Taste Design Machine For Dough

Donghyeon Ko, Bogyeong Kim, Seyeong Kim, Keunwoo Park

Digital Design Fabrication Course Project (ID609)

What is AllDough?

By the appearance of food printers, it is possible to make food with a complicated shape. However, taste is also an essential factor. With AllDough, a user can design taste of the dough. Since AllDough has an intuitive system and can support multiple ingredients at once, it can help a user to explore different tastes. We designed a machine that can control an amount of ingredient and extrudes them to a bowl. Moreover, we developed a prototype application that a user can set different tastes.


This is how our device looks. device It dispenses diverse ingredients in the bowl with right amount. A user makes dough with the ingredients. AllDough designs various tastes by controlling types and amounts of the ingredients.


You can find our project report from here.